SoundCloud Music Mixes

Continuously Mixed Collection of Various House Music Gems

Mashter Of Puppets

Continuously Mixed Collection of 31 New Homegrown Music Mashups
– 02.13.23 –

Mashter Of Puppets
New Soundgarden Life
Escape From New York Rapture
This Sweet Like I Love You
It Is There You Wanna Be Starting Something
Ella Lobo Mercia
Enter Sandman Hotel Room Service
Whatever Middle Finger Gets You Through The Night
Don’t Stop Another Music Love
Man I Feel Like A Coma Cat
The Bodak Yellow Sun Rising
You Always Live Again
Turn Me Silver Screen Shower Loose Scene On
Hung The Fall Up
Hung Up On Starships
I Feel I’m Fallin’ For Disco Love
Run The Star Guitar World
Let Me Show You Where You Have Been
Portatemi A Una Chiesa Chimica Del Rumore
I Know Somebody That Used To Rock The World
Hip Baby Got House Music Back
Do You Wanna Touch And Push It
All Of We
My Humps Should Be Dancing
Sweet Bangdrum Of Mine
Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough Loose Grip
Good Times On The Edge Of Seventeen
Like A Virgin’s Burning Bed
I Can’t Go For Something That Special
I Fly Like An Eagle Walking The Line
Don’t Stop The Lovely Music Day
Keep Hope Awake

Mashive Attack

Continuously Mixed Collection of 31 Homegrown Jamuary Music Mashups
– 02.03.23 –

Double G's Mashive Attack
I Am Redemption
What Is Contact Love?
A Day In The Life Of Major Tom
Just Like Heaven’s Angel Of The Morning
One Way Piece Of My Heart Or Another
Let My Love Open The Door And Take On Me
Goody Faith Two Shoes
The Logical Breathe Song
Frozen Night Fever
Arctic Paradise
Hotel Sharona
Laugh My Phat Dope Shit Off
Congratulations You Have Been Up All Night
Your Shiny Disco Balls Should Be Dancing
Dancing With My Foot Loose
The Boys Of Summer Are Still Standing
Hey Ya I’m Alright!
Opportunities To Breathe
Don’t Stop Believing That The DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again
Get Lucky Star
Another Off The Wall Station
In My Hella Good House
Come As You Blow
Rock N’ Roll On Top
Break On Through To The Other Side Of Da Club
Africalifornia Love
Bloody Would On Sunday
Lose Yourself With An Interstate Love Song
Modern Virtual Love Insanity
The 7th Morning Truth
The End In The End


Continuously Mixed Collection of 33 New Homegrown Music Mashups
– 12.23.22 –

Double G's Mashematics
Leave Home For The Yellow Brick Road
More Than A B-Rock Feeling
Dream Controversies
Smells Like Billie Jean Spirit
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off One More Time
We Are Getting Better People
Wanna Be Starting A Deep Forest Or Something
Sweet Car Dreams
Living On A Soiree
Where’s Your Musak Head At?
O.C.B. Boom Boom Pow
Put That Abacab Record Back On
Here Comes The Sun Is Shining
Save Me From My Separate Ways
Always Loved Girls On Film
Smack My Barracuda Up
I Ran From The Sultans Of Swing
Born Slippy On Planet Claire
Hey Kiss Me Deadly Ya!
Steppin’ Out With A Touch Of Grey
Love Is A Baby Boy Battlefield
I Want To Get Fu-Gee-La High With Clint Eastwood’s Dark Side
Good Boulevard Days Of Broken Dreams Are Gone
Lose Yourself With A Friend
Peanut Butter Jelly Chicken Tuna Sandwich
One More Chance My Love
Electric Paradise Relaxation
They Reminisce Over Your Message
Insane In The Sunday Bloody Brain
Walk In This End Way
The Who Gees
Never Let Me Crawl Again
Do They Know To Praise You At Christmas Time?


Continuously Mixed Collection of 20 Homegrown Hip-Hop/Downtempo Mashups
– 11.08.22 –

MASHTERPIECE A Continuously Mixed Collection of 20 New Homegrown Bar Mashups
The History of Mashups
The Number Mash
Let’s Go Paid In Crazy Full
Paid Jimmy James In Full
93 Stories
Hypnotize For What?
Turn Desperado For What?
O.P.P. Anthem
Tipsy 6 Loves 9
Peter The Mardi Gras Piper
Get It Together Mr. Cool
The Still Groove
Paradise Queen
Triple Praise
Simple Nicks
Rock With Two
Jerry Was A Folk Race Car Gossip Driver
If I Ruled The Reascension
Tin Poppa
Last War Zone Memory


Continuously Mixed Collection of 20 Homegrown House/Electronica Mashups
– 11.07.22 –

Double G MASHTERMIND (a continuously mixed collection of 20 new homegrown club mashups)
Can You Feel It When Doves Cry?
Alley Cat You Feel It
Fierce Rhiannon
I Love You Want You
I Feel Love When I Can’t Get Sweet Music Dreams Out Of My Head
Wanna Be Hung Up On Something
The Sound Of Change
Excuse Me Venus
I’ll Mosaferat You
I’ll Acid House Push You
Calor De Guitarra Enlatada
It’s My Revolution Life
Wolf Shifter
The Edge Of Music
Don’t You Want Cream?
The Best Part Of Breaking Obsessions
Let The Music Dance
Billie Jean’s Black Box
Ho Ya!

Critical Mash

Continuously Mixed Collection of 30 Homegrown Mashups
– 10.19.22 –

Critical Mash (a collection of 30 homegrown mashups)
I Wanna Get My Clique High
Freestyle Of A Lifetime
The Way You Dance On Glass
Triple Rain Trouble
Mr. Humps
Crazy Dream Machine
Breathe No Love
When Doves Like You Cry
Runnin’ Away From What’s Love
Lose My Milkshake Breath
Block Rainin’ Beats
Believe Me Ride
Let’s It Go
The Lionheart Light
Disco Don
Set Adrift They Reminisce With Bliss
Shake Your Winehouse
I Wanna Be Your Good Times
Just Begun To Smack That
I’ll Housecat You
Trust It Like It’s Hot
Blame It On The Emcees
Down To The Wild Thing Sound
In Da Fat Booty Club
Don’t You Worry Child I Gotta Feeling
Purple Rain Shifter
The Show Anthem
Do U Like The Way U Feel When U Shake That
Had Enough Company

Midnight Mash

Continuously Mixed Collection of 40 Homegrown Mashups
– 09.25.22 –

Midnight Mash (a collection of 40 homegrown mashups)
Killing Me Family With His Affair
Lose My Doobie Breath
Vega Or Love It
Don’t Music Sound Better With Cha
What Is Lovebox?
Family Healing
I Need You Nasty Tonight
Nasty Step
Pop Dreams
Pon De Tuesday
Higher Change
Groove Is In The Folks
Enjoy The Pain
Triple Grease
Tricky Super Freaky
Feeling Super Freaking Good
When Pigs Flash Wild
Music Saved My Thing
Glad’s Plan
The Perfect Lips
Good Times Jumping Around Without Me
A Roller Skating Jam Named Blondie
The Youngn’ Power
Sexy Dream
Lakeside Break
Red Hot Gorilla Chili
How We Taste
When The Sledge Goes Down
Blue Iverson
Love And Happiness
Be Tryin’ To Stay Alive
Peter Usher
I Wish I Could Jump Off
Rosa Parks Wants Your Love
Right On My People
Fool’s Groove
Enjoy The Little Luck
Square Steppin’
Backseat Hey Ya
Naturelize Control


Continuously Mixed Collection of Homegrown Mashups
– 09.07.22 –

Mashachusetts (a collection of homegrown mashups)
Diamond Plan
Can I Lose A
Drop It Like It’s Tipsy
Dance Wit Me
Beasts On Parade
Nuthin’ Butta Gin Thang
Drug Ride
Dirty Money
Uptown Mama
Something Intergalactic About You
Deja Shop
She Shakes That Crazy
Teenage Eastwood Fan
Independent Bells
Running Up That Ill
We Be Trying To Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Are
I Wish I Had A Little Dwyck
Paper Gee La
Kickin’ Wu Flava
One To Grow On Sugar Hill
Bangkok Jiggy
How Rump Could Just Shake Your Man
Go Go Rollout
De What La Sayin’
Come Clean Big Poppa
Silly Push Songs
Don’t Sweat The Encore
California Hills

Mash Communications

Continuously Mixed Collection of Homegrown Mashups
– 06.06.22 –

Mash Communications (a collection of homegrown mashups)
Touch It In The Rain
Take It Easy With The Nookie
Deja Streets
Born To Mobb
Deja Streets
Luniz Yourself
I’ll G There 4 U
If I Ruled Or Not
Light Jazz Potatoes
Lickers In Paris
Mama Said Read Me A Children’s Story Please
Nuttin’ But Adidas
Wreck It Bring It
I Gotta Habit
Looking At The Front Vu
The Big Scenario
Tell And Show
Just A Gold Illusion (clean)
Grounded Shook Ones
Paid In Force
Mix Me Baby One More Time
Eleven Minute No Limit
The End Of Science

Mash Transit

Continuously Mixed Collection of Homegrown Mashups
– 2012 –

Mash Transit (a collection of homegrown mashups)
magic go
hypnotized victory
made u look high
intergalactic jump
peter piper don’t say nuthin’
u know how we shine bright
get high anthem
passin’ me by the sea
dangerous funk
the choice is to party up
jump your rump
7 riddim wax
long time back in the day
it takes two without me
like that dutch
big poppa doin’ it
i simply used to love her
this life ain’t mine once again
luchini suitcase

Mash Hysteria

Continuously Mixed Collection of Homegrown Mashups
– 2011 –

Mash Hysteria (a collection of homegrown mashups)
stand up people!
club poppa
cream episode
nuttin’ priceless
a spliff 1nce again
the ruler’s hop
golden dawn
we be tryin’ another case
ragtime flava
magic jam
ooh wee summertime
ready or nocturnal
juicy poppin’
for the nasty vibe
guess who’s still back
black diamonds & pearls
lose yourself in queens
the girls from the next episode
reminisce over horns