Tektonika Studio Architects Launch New Responsive Website

On November 22, 2019, Tektonika Studio Architects proudly launched their new mobile-responsive website. Over the past few months, Tektonika Studio Architects and Symmytree Creative Design Solutions have worked harmoniously to update their effective and timeless 2011 web presence, to feature device adaptability, large format and new staff photography, and updated content to best represent the current and future mission of the company. Symmytree’s Creative Director/Founder Geoff Garrow has worked with Ernie Ruskey in a design and marketing capacity since 2004. The results of their positive business relationship is seen in the final product; a combination of simplicity, efficiency, impactful imagery, modern technology, and impactful messaging.

For more information on Tektonika Studio Architects’ services and portfolio of work, please call 802.253.2020 or email ernie@tektonikavt.com.